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At Talbot Creek Midwives, we strive to provide respectful, supportive and client-centered care during the healthy process of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum experience. We promote optimal birth outcomes and guide clients to have empowering birth experiences. We deliver evidence-based care in a safe atmosphere that is welcoming to clients from all walks of life.

We work as an innovative and specially curated team of midwives who provide best practices for clients and their families. We teach future midwives to support birth and client-centered care. Our practice reflects our values of excellence, compassion, respect, honesty and kindness.

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Home Birth

Midwives are the only primary care providers who are trained and equipped to attend home births in Ontario.  →

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Hospital Birth

Talbot Creek Midwives hold privileges at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC).  →


Prenatal Care

Midwives provide prenatal care through all three trimesters of pregnancy.  →


Postpartum Care

Ontario Midwives offer six weeks of postpartum care for our clients and their babies.  →

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Safe Space

Talbot Creek Midwives is a safe space for clients and their families to experience quality inclusive care.  →



Due to the current Covid-19 situation, and the change of public health recommendations, as of December 26th, 2021, we are unfortunately needing to make the following changes:

All non-essential clinic appointments will be either by phone or through a virtual meeting. All essential clinic appointments will be conducted by phone first, followed by a 10-15 minute in-person meeting to conduct the clinical examinations only (blood pressure, fetal heart rate, blood work etc.). This is in line with the World Health Organization's recommendations for providing safe care to pregnant people in the pandemic.

Our clinic waiting room will need to be locked and unoccupied. Support persons or partners are no longer able to attend in-person appointments. Due to the large volume of clients that attend our office every day, and the increase in covid positive calls we have been receiving from clients, we ask that you understand that we must keep our clients safe as well as ourselves from getting sick. So we can continue to attend your labour and births. We know how much this impacts the quality of your care, but we will absolutely bring support people back into the clinic when it is safe to do so.

Please wait in your car for your appointment and your midwife will call you when the room is clean and ready.

We are hopeful that you will understand the delay if our clinic is running late, due to the increased stress women are under during this time as well as the increased demands of your midwives having to navigate needing to quarantine, self-isolate due to exposures from clients, or continue working after being ill ourselves.

 Please understand that in rare circumstances, your clinic appointments may be canceled or rescheduled on short notice. This will only occur if your scheduled midwife has to quarantine, is unwell, or has been exposed to Covid-19 and is awaiting a test result. We do not cancel clinics for any other reason. If we can preserve clinic appointments, we will, with a separate midwife who may be available to conduct your appointment.

Please continue to read your email appointment reminders from us, as they will contain any updates to our practice and clinic policies.

During postpartum home visits, we ask that you wear a mask and avoid having extra (non-immediate family members) in the house while we are there, or are located in a separate room, to minimize exposure to us. We often have to attend multiple homes in one day and do not want to spread infection. We appreciate your understanding and want you to know that we are working hard to provide you with all of the necessary information you need, to make the best decisions for you and your family.

Thank you!!

Welcome Shaya, Sherri and Sarah!

Shaya has joined us as our new Practice Administrator. Sherri and Sarah are two of the latest and greatest additions to our midwifery team. They will be starting working with our teams in August and September. We are so excited to add these three amazing people and their skill sets to our dynamic team.


Learn more about them on our Team Page!

We offer Home Birth Information sessions!
Please contact admin@talbotcreekmidwives.ca or let your midwife know if you would like to attend – dates TBC. There are limited spaces available for you and your support person. All sessions will be done virtually due to the pandemic from the comfort of your own home.

Talbot Creek Midwives in Komoka is now the exclusive Talbot Creek Midwives Practice. We provide our services to clients in the London and Middlesex Areas which includes Komoka, Delaware, Strathroy, Glencoe, Melbourne, Lucan, and Ilderton to name a few.

We offer home birth and hospital birth at London Health Sciences Center. Talbot Creek Midwives London will now be the sole Talbot Creek Midwives Practice. The St. Thomas site has now become a separate practice, Elgin County Midwives!

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COVID-19 Update

As we’ve been getting a number of questions related to how the covid-19 pandemic will change client care, we developed this section to go over some commonly asked questions about covid policies at our clinic & Victoria hospital. As you can imagine, this information has changed throughout the course of the pandemic, and we expect it will continue to change in the next couple of months.

We will try our best to keep this section as current as possible, however please be aware that these policies are not static and very well may change throughout the course of your pregnancy. We encourage you to discuss any more specific questions you may have with your midwife team.

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