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Midwifery is an undeniably rewarding profession. It is filled with wonder and compassion. Midwives have the potential to influence and provide support and guidance through some of the most daunting of life’s times. Clients seek our care for many reasons. Clients want to be respected, heard, understood and supported. Many clients want to feel safe in their experiences, and to feel like they are surrounded by the strongest, most trustworthy midwives. This is our standard of care.


What makes Talbot Creek so unique? We provide exceptional midwifery care in the prenatal, birth and postpartum experience because we are experts in low-risk birth and because we are a unique and exceptional team. We have invested a lot of time into building a team that is supportive and knowledgeable. Our team is made up of goal-oriented, diverse, organized and effective communicators. As a result of this carefully selected team, we are able to navigate this wonderful profession, guide you on your journey and continue to grow and love this work.


Our model of care allows us to spend longer appointments with you to help learn and understand who you are as a person, and what is important to you. We take time to get to know your partners and families, we share in the good and the unfortunate times. We dry your tears and cherish your new babies. We provide that security and confidence when you feel you need a guiding hand. We are here for you!


Our Talbot Creek family hopes you feel the same passion for our care that we do!


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