Hospital Birth

hospital birth

Talbot Creek Midwives hold privileges at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC). For clients who prefer a hospital birth or for whom their midwives have recommended a hospital birth, we are delighted to offer this beautiful environment in which to welcome your baby. Birthing rooms at LHSC are spacious, bright and private. If you’re lucky enough to labour on a holiday you might even be treated to a viewing of fireworks across the city skyline!

Your midwife will admit you to the hospital once you are in strong, active labour. Many clients will opt to have their first labour assessment at home, moving into the hospital once active labour is established. Your midwife will review your options with you during your prenatal visits.

Following the birth of your baby, you may choose to discharge home or you may transfer to a postpartum room. Only clients who have a midwife have the option to discharge early from the hospital. It is a fantastic option to discuss with your midwife!

hospital birth

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